Thursday, May 18, 2006

kinda' chicken fried

I have good intentions of keeping up with this blog regularly but life just seems to be a whirlwind right now. As the school year end nears next week, things are busier for my kids. And, I'm trying to cram in as much stuff as I can before they are home 24/7! I've not gotten to do any artwork in several days and I'm in need!

Max was home sick yesterday so that sorta' shot the whole day. Between cleaning, running errands, taking the cat to the vet, etc... today was productive with life stuff but no art today either. I think I need to take some art time tomorrow!

Max has decided he wants his name changed to Minky! Minky is a chimp that plays in the movie "Spymate"! Max's nickname has always been monkey... now he wants to be a real one and wants one for a pet! Oh brother... what next?!

The disfunction in my studio is making me nuts. My step-dad came over yesterday to help me determine what I'll need to put some peg board up so I can get some shelving and hooks for misc. things. That will clean up an art table and the floor underneath it! I'm still contemplating a storage system for ephemera that will work for me. I need something that makes sense. I'm thinking either clear plastic bins with categories... but drawers. If it's stackable and I have to move boxes to get things, I just won't use the stuff. That has already been proven! I also saw some really cool fabric storage boxes today at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They don't have tops on them so they are just open boxes. That may be worth looking into as well but, I really think the most clutterfree and functional solution will be the little units with plastic drawers that I could put side by side on a shelf. I'm also looking forward to having a place to display some artwork.

I'm so sleepy. I think I need a hot bath and to just go to bed!


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