Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just another busy day

Well, the boys got past the stomach virus so we're "back to normal" around here. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of finally meeting a local artist whose work I've admired for quite a while. We are in a yahoo group together. Maija and I had planned to meet at the museum for an exhibit and lunch in the cafe... only to find it closed on Monday so we switched museums and managed to salvage our time together. She was a joy to meet. Very easy to talk to and down to earth.

I also went and got my annual haircut yesterday. When I say annual, I truly mean it! I go get my hair cut like once a year and then I whack on it the rest of the year. It's just so frustrating being a hairdresser to have to go to someone to get my hair done. I always have to come home and fix something. I got about 4 inches cut off the length and more layering. Now, because of all the layering, I feel like I need a couple more inches off but then it will be shorter than I want. Oh well, it grows...and I wear it up all the time anyway.

I need some serious art time and don't know when I'll get it. I have Vacation Bible school coming up in just a few weeks and have prepped NOTHING for my class I'm teaching so I designated tomorrow morning for that since it's my last full morning before kids are out of school for the summer. When the boys get home tomorrow, I'll have them help wrap teacher gifts. I also got things for all the aids and the crossing guard so we have some wrapping to do!

Today was the last day of my women's Tuesday morning Bible study. We get out for the summer and start back up in September. I'll really miss it.

Oh, today, I went to a sorta' fabric outlet type place called SAS. It's been years since I've been there and I almost died... all the amazingly gorgeous fabric made me dizzy! I walked around with my mouth hanging open... and this stuff is CHEAP! And gosh, they had a ton of beaded trims for less than $2.99 a yard! At Joanne's, you pay a minimum of like oh, $8.99 a yard! I finally had to just leave because I was so overwhelmed. I'll be back soon though!

I just signed up for a cool class at a local store being taught by Sylvia Luna, a local artist who does great grungy stuff! That is coming up June 17 and is an all day class. I'm pumped up about it!

Well, I have a muscle problem going on in my shoulder today so I need a hot soak.... off I go...


Blogger tanders said...

Angie, I have some shoulder problems the past week as well, a friend reccomended the Theracane and I bought one last week, it works wonders.

You have won the OWOH giveaway from my blog, kindly forward your address so I can mail it to you.


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