Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's too early for a Saturday!!!

Well, last night, before going to bed I thought,"oh boy, tomorrow is Saturday! I don't have to take kids to school by 7:30! maybe I can sleep in a little!" NOT! Sam now has the stomach virus that Max had a few days ago. We've been up since 4:30. Between the two of them, I've had to completely throw out two new body pillows and one bed pillow! And between the two of them with a stomach virus and Max's diaper leaking all the time, I feel like i'm stripping sheets off of beds daily! It's getting really old!

I had planned to let the boys help me wash my van this morning but guess that isn't happening. I think I can declare it a pajama day though... and that's a good thing! :)

Yesterday, I woke in a complete fog and felt spaced out all morning. I did work on a few art things though. I joined a group called "Try it Tuesday which has a weekly tutorial. If you choose, you can do the weekly challenge of trying the tutorial, posting a picture of what you did, and your name is put in a pot for a drawing for the prize! I did three small canvas boards yesterday with the weeks background tutorial.

This first one I had to rework a couple of times but I was happy with it in the end. However, the gesso stamping didn't really show on this. I need some larger background type stamps. The second one was pretty easy and the technique seemed to work the best. I liked the colors and the affect the water spritz gave it. The third piece, the red, is one of my favorites. We were suppose to only use three colors though and I did add a 4th color to the outside edges. I'm thinking of doing something with an oriental feel to it for this canvas. Now, to figure out how to get my pictures to show up in the order I want them! I'm still trying to figure this blog stuff out! Please be patient with me!

Well, Sam is wanting the computer so I guess I'll stop now and be a nice mommy!


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