Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ah, I finally get to post again!

I kept trying to post but there was obviously a problem with blogger because it wouldn't let me do anything! So, I'm back.

I've been so stinkin' busy. I just love days at home. I did stay home today to catch up on laundry and stuff like that.

Yesterday, I had a dental appt. and then went bra shopping... which, in my book, is right up there with the dreaded bathing suit shopping. I had already gone a couple of weeks ago and purchased some but ended up returning them cuz they hurt after wearing them a short while. And I had tried on a bazillion already! I ended up at Nordstroms in Scottsdale and got fitted. I did buy some yesterday.. 3 different styles but a total of 4... 2 are alike... and are going back to the store tomorrow! ARHHHHH!!!! Why is it so hard to find something comfortable that fits?! Anyway, Nordstroms is at a mall that I never go to because of the driving distance but I may go back out tomorrow because they have a J.Jill store and I LOVE their clothes! I was running late picking the kids up from school yesterday so I didn't get to really look in there.

Sam's best friend, Daniel, came home from school with us and we all went to Costco. I learned a lesson... NEVER take 3 little boys with you to Costco! What should have taken maybe 30 minutes to shop for ended up taking an hour and a half! We barely got home that it was time to go to the kindergarten ice cream social at school! My kids are use to constant, all day long activity and both of them completely had major melt downs in the car and cried through their showers and kept crying until the passed out! It was a long day.

This morning, I met with a friend to discuss some things about our prayer room at church. I want to be involved in developing that room for it's intended purpose as well as making it inviting and comfortable to be in. I spent the remainder of the morning at home playing catch up. After picking the boys up from school, we stopped by the grocery store for a few things and then home.

Tomorrow, I'm just trying to decide about shopping... or doing art! I'm working on some Biblical alphabet cards for a swap. I have to do 27 cards. Every time I sign up for a swap like this, I'm reminded why I don't like doing them... I hate assembly line stuff. It's a real struggle for me. But I always love the end result of getting art from others!

I'm also discouraged with some paper I was making. I used some glue as a substitute and the result was very tacky, rubbery feeling paper that I can't use unless I figure out a solution. This was to be background paper for a hand page swap! Oh well... I need to crank on those. I just want to get these two projects finished so I don't have to think about them any more. I'm due to have the arrival of this months Circle Journal and will need to work on that book too.

Vacation Bible School is only 1 month away and I have to finish preparing for the collage journaling class I'll be teaching.

Chuck and I are wanting to go on a vacation this summer for a month but finding a house or condo to rent for a month on last minutes notice is proving difficult. We found a darling place in Sarasota, FL BUT, it's during hurricane season AND, it's so hot and humid there during the summer! We are looking into Aruba as well... found an amazing resort that has 5 different restaurants and all meals are included in the cost of the stay. The main drawback to this trip is the cost of airline tickets right now as well as flying all day with small children. Not something I look forward to. We're still trying to find something in CA. I think that would be perfect. We'll keep hoping...although, Aruba is really tempting me. I can't imagine a vacation right on the beach, in a resort where you don't have to even once say,"where do you want to go eat? I don't know. Where do you want to go? I don't know either. What do you feel like eating? I don't know... " and so it goes. At this resort, all your choices are within walking distance! So, not only would I not have to deal with food decisions (not even snacks!) there would be virtually no cleaning either! There's daily maid service for the room so, what a dream vacation!

Well, I"m pretty beat and need to go eat something for dinner.


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